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Lube Oil Coalescer

The ideal oil purification system for efficient and cost-effective removal of moisture and solids contamination to achieve optimal cleanliness. 
1. Coalescer and separator oil filter elements to remove water.
2. Easy replacement of filter elements
3. Reducing water content to 150 ppm
4. Reducing impurities more than 1 micron

Coalescer Oil Purifier / Filtration System
The coalescence type oil purifier combines  coalescence separation technology and micro-glass filter media to separate water and particles from oil.
1. Rapidly removing large amount free & emulsified water from oil and as low as 100 PPM.
3. Removing particles down to NAS 6 grade cleanness level
4. Designed  for use on turbine lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, heat transfer oil, dielectric oil etc.
5. Cart type, light weight, simple and reliable operation, low maintenance cost.