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Oil Dehydrator,Oil Dehydration Plant
Our Oil Dehydrator / Oil Dehydration Plant is wildly applied for purification and cleaning of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, diesel oil, kerosene and other industrial oil.

1. Lubricant system mixed with water and impurities in the process of cleaning and storage will result in oil oxidation, oil deterioration and reduce kerosene cleaning. Oil degeneration polymerization forms macromolecules and acid, then corrode the metal surface, reduce performance of lubricant system..
2. Impurities will affect the results of cleaning of lubricant oil system, our company developed coalescence separation oil dehydrator (oil dehydration Plant) with precision filtration, which can effectively remove the particles and emulsified water, free water, without damaging the quality of lubricant oil. 
3. Oil dehydrator (oil dehydration Plant) adopts explosion proof grade ExdiaIIBT4, it can meet the higher requirements of the explosion-proof workshop to ensure that the explosion-proof quality of the reliability and safety. 

Oil Dehydration Technology:
Different liquids have different surface tension, when the liquid flow through the smaller holes, the surface tension is also much smaller, the flow speed is faster. When the different mixed liquid flow into the separator, it goes through the special material filter with a multi-layer media. Due to differences in surface tension, oil quickly through the filter layer, while the water is much slower, and because the filter with hydrophilic material, tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer resulting in coalescence of water droplets. By the role of kinetic energy, small droplets competing through the opening, and gradually converged into large droplets, and the settlement of gravity and oil separation, through the filter after the oil, there is still small size of the water droplets in inertia under the action forward to the separation filter. Separation filter is made of special hydrophobic material, when the oil through the separation of the filter, the water droplets are blocked in the separation of the filter element, and oil through the separation of the filter core, and from the exit.

1. Oil dehydrator (oil dehydration Plant) adopts innovative design with advanced technology, Oil treatment and equipment performance is in a leading level.
2. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic multi-point monitoring system and other advanced technologies to ensure the safe operation.
3. The interlock protection device, over-voltage alarm shutdown protection, phase sequence protection to ensure a reliable long-term online operation of the machine.
4. The combination of precision filtration and high efficiency dewatering, the advanced technology of "coalescence separation" for dehydration, high efficiency and strong ability, especially for dehydration of turbine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, light diesel oil, kerosene. The Oil dehydrator (oil dehydration Plant) has the features of low energy consumption, low operating costs, excellent system configuration, continuous work performance and online operation.

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