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Filter Elements Characteristics Of Oil Purifiers
Characteristics of Filter Elements for Oil Purifiers
The service life of the filter element is an important issue for the working of Oil Purifier, especially for purifying badly polluted oil, the working failure of oil purifier is often caused by filter elements.  Following is introduction of affecting the filter elements life.
Replacement of Filter Elements in Oil Purifier
Generally, the cleanness level of industrial is NAS 6 grade. Keeping the clean of oil is very necessary for the industrial system is to avoid component wear due to contamination and extend the life of the industrial equipment. The higher cleanliness level needs higher filtration precision filter elements. Replacement of Filter Elements results in an increase of the cost of consumable. High pollution rate of oil increases the wastage rate and shortens the life of filter elements. To avoid breaking the filter elements, it should control contamination in oil, especially for source pollution control.
How to change the filter elements
1. When you replace the oil in industrial equipment, it should change filter elements. Because the contamination attached on filter elements can pollute the new oil. 
2. After using for a long period, filtration efficiency of filter elements will decline, so that pressure of oil passing through the filter will increase. When pressure reach 0.4Mpa, the filter elements should be replaced of cleaned. If don’t take out the filters, the pressure will increase continually and break the filter elements, then break oil purifier.

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