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The Failure of Vacuum Pump and Solution
The Vacuum Oil Purifier can quickly remove water, impurities, gas and other harmful ingredients from oil, improve the quality of oil and restore performance. But vacuum oil purifier brings clean energy and save cost, it also brings the fault in the process. For example, oil leakage of vacuum pump is one of main problems, it mainly appears at observation window of vacuum pump, tank gasket and motor bearing shaft seal, because after using for a long time, these parts become aging, sealing failure and results in oil spills.

Vacuum pump of Vacuum Oil Purifier has observation window, after using too long, the window will be aged and cracked or blinder between window and tank become aging and lose the function, they result lube oil of vacuum pump leakage. Lube oil tank connects motor through the adapter, oil tank and the adapter has a sealing ring at the junction, if sealing ring is aged, it also results oil leakage.  Otherwise, there are two oil seals around motor shaft, any aging will cause oil leakage. In addition, there is a pad on the adapter, which recycles lube oil, if it is full of oil, vacuum pumps will also occur oil leakage.

Now, replacing aged window, shaft seal, gasket and felted pad is simplest solution of vacuum pump oil leakage.

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