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    DVTP Online Transformer Oil Degassing System


    DVTP double stages vacuum transformer oil degassing purification system equips origins vacuum program, two high-vacuum horizontal separating vessels, 3d separation system system, automated infrared intensifying scanning defoaming control method.

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    DST-100KV Transformer Oil Tester


    The DST Transformer Insulating Oil Tester is generally a fully car liquid dielectric test organized, typically useful for testing the breakdwon voltage level of insulating oils.

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    ACORE Online Transformer Oil Filtration System


    ACORE Online Transformer Oil Filtration System is ideal vacuum oil purification plant for transformer and power equipment.

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    Transformer Oil Tester for Testing Dielectric Strength of Insulating Liquid


    DST Transformers Insulating Oil Tester provides repeatable along with a accurate screening of dielectric strength with regard to transformer padding liquid. The particular DST-80 and DTS-100 offer 80kv and 100kvAC output attention respectively.

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    Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Equipment


    DVTP Transformer Oil Filtration and Vacuum Dehydration Equipment improves the dielectric strength of the transformer dielectric oil and lessen the acid associated with the necessary oil and dielectric loss.

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    Automatical Oil Purification Plant Manufacturer


    The industrial lubricating system must use oil purification plant to maintain the absolutely cleanness of lube oil

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    Application of Different Oil Filtration Machine


    Acore Filtration Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of Oil Filtration Machine, our products range cover transformer oil purification plant, lubricating oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, portable oil filter and other waste i

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    Improving Function of Transformer By Oil Filtration Plant


    Dielectric Oil Purification function a lot in a different way and much more efficiently compared to standard oil filtration. ACORE trademarked style makes use of obliquity pressure.

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