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Application of Different Oil Filtration Machine
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When users buy a Oil Filtration Machine, they should know the type of used oil and standard of purified oil, and flow rate. Following is detailed introduction:

1. What kind of oi you will purify? Such as transformer oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil etc.
2 . The capacity of oil filtration machine
3. the particular specification dependence on purified oil, such as water content, gas content, cleanness degree, level of acidity value, purification precision the top.
The user can communicate with us and send the requirement, then we can suggest a greatest oil filtration machine according the specification.
Acore Filtration Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of Oil Filtration Machine, our products range cover transformer oil filtration machine, lubricating oil purifier, turbine oil purification plant, portable oil filtration system and other waste industrial oil filtration machine.

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