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DST-100KV Transformer Oil Tester
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ACORE DST-100KV Transformer Oil Tester provides replicable, accurate dimensions of break down voltage associated with insulating oils used in electrical equipment. The BDV tester is light-weight and durable models, which is specifically designed for utilizing in area and lab.

DST-100KV Transformer Oil Tester provides repeatable along with a accurate screening of dielectric strength with regard to transformer insulating liquid. It offerd user-selectable, automatic voltage rates-of-rise, and designed voltage establishing with the displayer indicating the particular flashover interest. Various tests cells are available.

The DST Transformer Insulating Oil Tester is generally a fully car liquid dielectric test organized, typically useful for testing the dielectric strengthon of oils. The commonest world specifications are before set in to the handles. Simply strike the beginning switch and also the check is completed. Customized examination sequences may also be designed. Examination outcomes saved in house offered to some pc or even imprinted utilizing the actual onboard power printer.

The specific HV transformer section is really a leak-proof conventional steel textbox with a gasket-bolted lid. Often the enclosures are manufactured from thick lightweight aluminum. These music instruments endure the discomfort of regular transportation in addition to substation make use of.

1 . Working Safety features include an enclosed evaluate chamber possessing a transparent consist of, cover protection switch, in addition zero-start interlock on the greater voltage outcome
2 . Outcome Attention is continually increased via 0 towards breakdown opposition.
3. Simple Operation is really achieved by utilizing cradle co-workers for the try out cell. Usually the liquid to be tested lies in the examining cell. Check cell can be placed inside the test cage on the assistance contacts
four. Single Variety electronic inmiscuirse is employed to document the particular dysfunction résistance. The exact colocar will be totally reset using a change
5. Functioning Controls are usually conveniently put together on the top screen. Such as a big, read-it-easily ingerir, on/off swap along with preliminary light, an interest rate connected with increase selective move, and also start/reset change. Whenever a roadside support of the liquid occurs, a good inability light will certainly lighting and also the m may secure within the malfunction voltage
6. Motorized Stirrer is available with regards to testing based on ASTM as well as IEC156. An electrical store is found in test slot provided with this check cellular

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