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DVTP Online Transformer Oil Degassing System
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DVTP Online Transformer Oil Degassing System is the best strategy to solve issue of acetylene and hydrogen:

Application of Online Transformer Oil Degassing System
It really is widely used with regard to oil purification processing as well as drying throughout various types of big transformers set up and maintenance, and also 500KV-1000KV higher voltage transformer oil filter treatment, additionally for high-grade new insulation oil lacks and degassing processing. At the same time, Transformer Necessary oil Purifier may remove acidity, free co2 and harmful particles, after therapy, the dielectric strength can easily reach 65kv.

The working theory of Online Transformer Oil Degassing System
1 . Unfavorable pressure splitting up, mechanical accuracy filtration, molecular adsorption, vacuum cleaner drying rule and spin out of control spray atomization oil movie flash technologies can eliminate moisture, pollutants, free carbon dioxide, acid worth, colloid and so on

2 . Evaluating with the vacuum transformer oil purification system, DVTP double stages vacuum transformer oil purification system equips origins vacuum program, two high-vacuum horizontal separating vessels, 3d separation system system, automated infrared intensifying scanning defoaming control method and adobe flash rapid evaporation system. These types of advanced technological innovation can enhance the capacity regarding dehydration, degassing.

Technical Features of Transformer Oil Degassing System
1 pass: drinking water content: ≤ 50mg or L, fuel content: ≤ 10% (volume fraction), break down voltage: ≥ 50KV
2 pass: h2o content: ≤ 15mg and L, gasoline content: ≤ 0. 1% (volume), pressurevalue: ≥ 60KV
Three move: water content material: ≤5ppm, recurring gas: ≤0. 05%, acetylene content is actually 0, stress: ≥75KV

DVTP Double Stages High Vacuum Transformer Oil Degassing System can be used like a separate machine source for transformer vacuum drying and oiling.

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